Julius is a place for coffee, food and wine.

Working with produce at its peak, we offer a Carte Blanche Menu of 8 to 10 courses. Vegetarian and pescetarian options are available.

As meticulously selected as our produce and in keeping with our agricultural philosophy of working with biodynamic and chemical free produce, we offer a constantly evolving selection of wines available by the glass or bottle or as a pairing with the menu.

During the day we offer coffee along with freshly baked pastries and snacks. A small lunch offering is available on weekends.

In a careful process of sourcing and hand selecting the beans, our coffee is roasted in house in small batches over fire before being brewed by hand for each guest.

Dinner reservations are secured via the purchase of a ticket and are available here. For walk-in guests we always keep seats availabe at the bar.

Thu-Sun from 10, Dinner from 18

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The following is an excerpt from the photo book SAMSARA by Shinichiro Shiraishi.

"Time is scattered, the past and the future, the future past and present."

"The gardener digs in another time, without past or future, beginning or end."

"Paradise haunts gardens, and some gardens are paradises. Mine is one of them."

The two quotes are from MODERN NATURE by Derek Jarman, a book that is the diary of Prospect Cottage and Jarman’s paradisiacal garden, and a meditation on his life more broadly. It was first published by Century in 1991.

The final quote is taken from DEREK JARMAN’S GARDEN by Derek Jarman. A book about Prospect Cottage and all that grew there, which was published posthumously in 1995 by Thames & Hudson.